We are pleased to announce that our series of educational travel documentaries, GlobeScope Expeditions, is now available online!

Previously available only on DVD, our entire catalog of travel videos are now available for instant streaming on Vimeo.com.  Why not join us on a journey along the TransSiberian rail line across Russia or follow us along the ancient Silk Road across China and Central Asia to the Black Sea?

For the even more seriously adventurous, explore overland across Senegal and Mali along the transition zone between desert and forest known as the Sahel or take a high road in the shadow of the Himalayas to mysterious Nepal and Ladakh on northern India's Tibetan Plateau.  

If cruising is your preference we offer a choice between the Eastern Mediterranean and the exotic islands of the Pacific including Hawaii and Tahiti. Or try both and imagine yourself on your ship's veranda sipping a glass of wine. And to better enjoy the regions where the wine is vinted, try our explorations of wine regions in France, Australia and New Zealand or the Pacific coast of North America.

See our full catalog here or on Vimeo's website◹ .


Mary Lee

AuthorMary Lee Nolan